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THURSDAY, FEB 25TH Patti’s Murder Mystery Dinner

How does a Murder Mystery Dinner work?

Guests will check in at the Hostess Podium inside Patti’s Atrium. A Hostess will escort you to Bill’s Presidential Dining Room.  Once seated your dinner begins with a Fresh Salad, Flowerpot Bread and Strawberry Butter, unsweetened Tea and Water.  A server will visit your table for your choice of an entree, either our famous 1′ Pork Chop, tender and juicy or you can choose, everyones favorite Don’s Chicken, a Charbroiled chicken with shredded mozzarella cheese, diced green onions and crumbled centercut applewood smoked bacon. Both options will be served with a perfectly cooked baked potato with sour cream and butter. While enjoying your entree the show will begin! The talented cast of Badgett Theater will entertain you with an interactive show where the audience tries to decide who did it! A warm, 1/2 slice, of Patti’s Chocolate Pecan Pie topped with homemade whipped topping and a cherry will be the sweet treat to end the night!  A super fun night brought to you by Patti’s and Badgett Theater.

Beer, Wine and Cocktails will be available for purchase and not included in the dinner price package.

This event is sold by tables, with LIMITED SEATING. A table is purchased for the number of seats at the table, for example, if you have 3 guests, you must purchase a table for 4. You can bring a 4th person at the last minute but no more than 4 will be seated. Building occupancy numbers are accounted for due to Covid restaurant guidelines.  PLEASE NOTE: You WILL NOT receive tickets in the mail. The $5 shipping fee is for administrative costs and the copy of your PayPal receipt will be what you will need to bring with you the day of the event. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to check in at the hostess podium. TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

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February 25th 6pm 

Patti’s Dinner Theater, along with the amazing cast of Badgett Theater bring you

Murder, Country Style

Someone has been sending threatening letters to Tucker Stumpp, head of the Stumpp Family Singers. The entire family, including nephews Flint (the hunk) and Eugene (the dweeb), and the twins, Doreen and Mae Rue, come under suspicion. The bodyguard, Patrick J, joins with local police to try and find the killer.




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