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Category: Bourbon Tasting Private Dining Event

Bourbon Tasting Private Dining Event

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  • How does a Patti’s Bourbon Tasting Dinner work?

    Guests will check in at the Hostess Podium inside Patti’s Atrium. A Hostess will escort you to Bill’s Presidential Dining Room where you will be greeted with a signature Bowling & Burch Cocktail to start your dining experience. Once everyone has been seated, Stephen Fante, Whiskey Ambassador – Executive Bourbon Steward and Limestone Branch Distillery will take you through the taste profiles and remarkable history of Limestone Branch Distillery. The featured Bourbons you will be tasting have been paired with the unique bourbon menu designed by Patti’s Chef and Pastry Chef.  This specific menu is served in 4 courses, each paired with a precise Bourbon. Appetizer, Soup, Entree and Dessert.

    Appetizer — Endive Boat with Smoked Salmon paired with a Dill Spread

    Soup — Leak and Potato Irish Whiskey Cheddar Soup

    Entree — Bourbon BBQ Ribs with Sweet Potato Mash and Grilled Asparagus

    Dessert — End your night with an amazing Peanut Butter Cheesecake on a Peanut Butter Cookie Base with Bacon Brittle and a Rye Whiskey Toffee Sauce

    Patti’s Bourbon Tasting Dinner is sold by tables, with limited seating. A table is purchased for the number of seats at the table, for example, if you have 3 guests, you must purchase a table for 4. You can bring a 4th person at the last minute, if you find one, but no more than 4 will be seated. Building occupancy numbers are accounted for due to Covid restaurant guidelines.  PLEASE NOTE: You WILL NOT receive tickets in the mail. The $5 shipping fee is for administrative costs and the copy of your PayPal receipt will be what you will need to bring with you the day of the event. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to check in at the hostess podium. TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

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